Sample Cover Letter Probation Officer

Dear Mr. Garcia

I was recently on your department’s website and saw that you have a number of openings for Probation and Parole Officer. My family and I plan to relocate to the West Coast within the next year. So of course I saw your job opening as a great opportunity.

I am currently with the New York State Department of Parole. For six years before that I was a corrections officer. You may ask why I have chosen such a challenging and stressful profession. It is because I understand the nature of criminality and believe under proper mentorship people who have made mistakes can change and become productive members of society. My objective as a probation and parole officer is to help people transition from a mistake to moral prosperity. This requires patience diligence and in a lot of cases some serious arm twisting. It also demands knowing when your efforts are wasted and that a client may need to be sent back to prison before they bring further harm to society.

I would certainly like to talk more about why I would be a great Probation and Parole Officer with your department. Contact me for an interview at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards

Larry Mendoza

Cover Letter for Probation Officer

Probation officers are the court officers who play a major role in the U.S. legal system. They are responsible to ensure public safety by closely and carefully monitoring and supervising the behavior of convicts on probation. The trial period to the offenders is usually granted by the court, military authorities and the U. S. Parole Commission.

Tips to Write Cover Letter

Probation cover letter is meant to offer a brief introduction of the writer to the employer. It is used to excite the readers to take out a few moments and read through the resume. It has three parts like any other letter namely introduction, body paragraph, and concluding paragraph.

  • The introduction or opening paragraph is the place to show you meet the essentials in terms of qualifications, and your interest in the job. This will entice the reader to go through the rest of the letter.
  • The body paragraph usually consists of two or more paragraphs depending on the years of experience the writer possesses. However, in no case the letter should exceed more than one page. The two paragraphs are used to describe educational background and experience. The writer can also include an instance saying why he wants to join the respective field.
  • The closing paragraph is used to reiterate the interest in the organization and thank the reader for going through the letter. It is also used to remind the readers how they can contact the writer.

Sample Cover Letter

Alan Franklin
1950 Lakewood Drive
Far Lawn, NJ 7420
(222) 878-4125

August 26, 2013

Mr. Sam Donald
US Probation Office
1086 Virginia Street
Bridgeview, IL 60455

Re: Application for the position of Probation Officer

Dear Mr. Donald,

A friend of mine and ex-employee of yours has told me about a possible vacancy of Probation Officer at your office. With a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and four years experience of serving in correction, I believe to be suitable for the available position. With this conviction, I am applying my candidature for the same.

I have gained enough experience for the last four years in running background checks on offenders, collecting family history and environment details, making analysis and submitting reports. During this period, I have helped in reformation of many prisoners thereby giving them a way to be accepted by the society.

I am physically, mentally, and emotionally strong and can perform duties for long hours. I am also versed in monitoring and enforcing community services as ordered by the court. I have also dealt with people who have broken the probation and offered court revaluation.

I have included my resume with this cover letter to let you know more about my employment history. I would love to work for your office and do my best to help reformed people. Please contact me at (222) 878-4125 whenever you feel convenient to.


Alan Franklin

Enclosure: resume

The body paragraph as said in the tips can have more than two paragraphs as long as the entire content of the letter is accommodated on one single page.

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