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Newsletter Updated 3/2

Important: Please Read...updated 8/22

Parents, I would like to explain how I would like to see Homework Folders and Friday Folders used. I also want to explain what you should expect for your child's weekly test results.

Homework Folders: 
Homework folders will have weekly papers that I receive such as flyers for events, sign-up sheets, or my newsletter. These papers should not stay in your child's Homework Folder. Please help your child to remember to clean these papers out on a nightly basis. On occasion, your child will have papers that will be in their for homework such as their spelling words or math homework. The one paper that I would like to see in your child's folder every night, is their Reading Calendar (will be handed out before the end of this week). This is the calendar that I have asked you to sign nightly for how many minutes your child is reading. This calendar also lists important dates for upcoming events.
Friday Folders:
Friday folders are green and will have any papers that your child has worked on over the past week. These papers are for you to see what your child is working on in class. These papers should be emptied every weekend and their Friday Folder should be returned to school on Monday empty. If your child is bringing home loose papers, most likely he or she has lost their Friday folder, or they are forgetting to have it out when we pass out papers. Please let me know if you think your child has misplaced their Friday Folder.
Test Results:
Many of our tests are now being taken online. In order for you to see the results, I will need an email address that you would like me to send them to. If you do not have email, I will print your child's results. Please read "Using Google in Our Classroom" below as it gives a more in-depth understanding of what we are doing with testing in class.

Using Google in Our Classroom


    Since our school district has moved to becoming a Google School, I am working diligently to incorporate Google as much as possible into our daily routines. This process is still new to me and our students. Please know that we have and will have hiccups along the way. I am still working on using Google in a way that is easiest for our students, so I do appreciate your patience as we work through this process together. With this in mind, I would like to explain some features we are using:

Through our district's resources, all students have school gmail accounts. Students are using gmail as a means to understand how email works as well as a means for taking weekly tests that I give them.

Google Forms
Google forms is how I give your child his or her test. Tests that I will give frequently through google forms include: Reading, Spelling, and Math. You will not see many paper tests come how as most of them will be done electronically. 

Flubaroo is a grading tool provided by Google that allows students to see their tests results immediately! This is an exciting opportunity for students to receive immediate feedback so they can know what they did well on as well as what they still need to work on. This is my favorite part about using Google, because students and parents no longer have to wait for graded results to come back a few days later. This technology now allows both the teacher, student, and parent to receive instant feedback and know what skills we still need to target. Flubaroo also allows results to be emailed to parents.

What to Expect Now?
My goal is to send you your child’s grades anytime he or she takes a test online. Yes, you should still expect to see a few tests here and there that are paper, but many of them will be online. In order to receive these tests, I will need an email address to send the results to. Due to my limited options for sending emails, I can only use one email address to send grades to. Please know that we can take up to five or more “small” tests throughout the week and to keep this in mind for the email address you choose. If possible, please email me back indicating what email address you would like me to use. I understand that some of you may not have email. If this is the case, I will gladly print your child’s results and send it home in their Friday Folder. If you have questions or concerns, please email me at: amie.doll@californiak12.org

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as I work to make this a smooth process for all of us!

-Miss Doll
Now your dolls are ready for School with these fabsome new binders... and we made some printables too, so they can get all smart and stuff  XD

watch the video to see how we made it

Here are the links for the printables, just click the picture below for your doll size, download, print and enjoy... for personal use only :o)

and if your dolls would like separate subject folders, we got you covered too :oD

this is a fun and easy to do paper craft project and here is the video on how we did it :o)

Happy Crafting :oD

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