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Essay on Korean War in 1950-1953: Conflicting Ideologies

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Military or Political?
President Truman strategy was a “negotiated settlement” “This would end the war, unfortunately North Korea would remain independent.” His tactics were diplomatic, whenever there would be a dispute he would talk it out not causing any trouble or alarming other countries there is a collision of interests.
Calling troops to act would be his last call, as he believed violence was unnecessary. As well as with the Korean War, he didn’t send in the troops to attack and recapture North Korea. He ordered them to Pusan because he wanted to secure South Korea and avoid a massive killing and imprisonment of half of Korea. But his main fear was the expansion of communism therefore that was his main aim, was not to anger the…show more content…

This conflict was in issue back then because of the fragile line oscillating between obtaining peace and inducing WWIII. The lacks of cooperation lead to arguments and serious accusations that later on caused McArthur loss of “general’s” position, as he didn’t accept his orders.

Fear over consequences caused by general that could potentially evoke another World War.
Harry Truman speaking at presidential memoirs: "In my generation, this was not the first occasion when the strong had attacked the weak…. Communism was acting in Korea just as Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese had acted ten, fifteen, and twenty years earlier. I felt certain that if South Korea was allowed to fall, Communist leaders would be emboldened to override nations closer to our own shores."
President Truman was under colossal pressure as the situation could potentially turn into WWIII. It was not long ago when Hitler and Mussolini nearly took over the world and once communism spread into nearly whole of Asia President Truman had to be careful with every command and think of all the possibilities that could follow up with his actions. President Truman could not put USA and South Korea in danger just to show the North Koreans that USA is an equal rival and wants to undermine the communism as well as compete over the domination of the world. It was a diplomatic and a political strategy to only aid South Koreans, not to fight for them to revenge their country just to remain as a

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Essay on Korean War

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Korean War

Throughout the history of mankind there has always been war. Nations have always had disagreements with one another and the result is the death of many young soldiers. Although many men die in war, not as many men die if the war was fought to win and not only to stop the enemy. However, the wars that have not been fought to win, but only to stop a force, have had much greater a loss than those fought to win. In the Korean War the United States did not fight to win but just to subjugate the North Korean forces that were annihilating the landscape and its people. Although the Korean War was fought to protect the defenseless people, the casualties and other catastrophes that were brought upon the United States soldiers…show more content…

Behind those tanks were well over a hundred foot soldiers ready to kill.

The American soldiers tried everything they could to stop the tanks, but it was useless, their M16A1 carbines were no match for the heavy armor of the T45/85 tanks. The American troops tried to hold them off but had to retreat a little further back to escape from the tanks. By that time it was raining and their ammunition was no good along with their communications. But after some fighting it was useless against the North Korean forces so the American troops were given the order to withdraw, but some of them did not get the order and were totally consumed by the awesome power of the North Korean army. The American army withdrew to the Kum River. While they were waiting for reinforcements, General Walker came and told the troops that “if [North Koreans] come across the river, [the Americans] are to stay here and fight to the death” (A Personal Narrative of the Korean War 33). Right after General Walker had said that, he got into his jeep and sped off. Almost all the troops were either out of ammunition or low on it. The American troops held of the North Koreans for a total of seven hours. Everybody was trying to help the guy next to him the best they could against the massive enemy. People stayed behind to lay down cover fire and picked up guys who had been shot in the legs to take them out. They never had a

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