Eminem Biography Homework In Spanish

Birthdate: December 24, 1971

Ricky Martin - The Early Years

Ricky Martin was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and started performing when he was barely out of diapers. In school Ricky Martin perfomed in plays, sang in the choir and later acted in TV commercials. You might assume Spanish music was Ricky Martin's first influence, but his pre-teens were spent listening to David Bowie, Boston and Cheap Trick. Who would have guessed?

Ricky Martin Gets His Break

Ricky Martin's first real glimpse of the spotlight came when he landed a spot in the teen Latin pop groupMenudo. Ricky Martin tried out when he was 10, but didn't make the group 'til he was 12 cuz they thought he was too young. Ricky Martin spent five years with the band and left in 1989, feeling burnt out and wanting a change.

Ricky Martin Goes Hollywood

In 1994 Ricky Martin moved to L.A. and tried his hand at acting again. Ricky Martin landed a role as bartender/nightclub singer, Miguel Morez on the soap General Hospital. Ricky Martin also started working on his third Spanish album A Medio Vivir released in 1995. The album did well and Ricky Martin left GH and soon landed a role on Broadway in Les Miserables. Shortly after shaking his bon bon on the '99 Grammy's, Ricky Martin put out his first English album - Ricky Martin and took the US by storm. Livin' La Vida Loca became a huge hit. After a bunch more albums Ricky Martin took some much-needed time off. In 2003, Ricky Martin released a Spanish album Las Almas Del Silencio.

Ricky Martin - Did U Know?

  • Ricky Martin is a vegetarian.
  • Ricky Martin once owned a restraunt in Miami Beach, Florida called Casa Salsa.
  • Ricky Martin has a tattoo of a rose on his left hip.
    Ricky Martin Says...
    "I do not wear a mask to go on stage. What you see is what you get."

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  • Still Believe In Heroes

    Pre - Verse:
    My best friend do not have a mommy and he jealous of me.
    So I hug her extra tight when she gets ready to sleep.
    In the morning, I got lot to do and places to be.
    Mommy crying in the kitchen, I pretend I don’t see.
    Then I grab my bag, I say goodbye, and then she says it to me.
    As I’m walking out the door, I wonder what’s expected of me.
    I love my mama and I wanna make her problems go away.
    But I don’t want to see a child in who’s parenting me.

    Verse 1:
    A couple days ago, I sat down in the kitchen with her,
    and she told me that she hate the way she look.
    And she gets lonely when I’m gone ‘cause she got nowhere to turn,
    so she tries to lose herself inside her book.
    The conversation ended as I’m feeling like a horrible son,
    but I kept it, I didn’t say a word.
    Because I knew that it would only make it worse.
    Mommy taught me confidence and now she insecure

    Mommy taught me not to be afraid of mistakes.
    Mommy taught me always to follow a dream.
    Mommy taught me how to deal with the pressure,
    but not when the pressure don’t belong to me.
    Mommy taught me always be grateful and share.
    Mommy taught me always to do what is fair.
    It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I care too much.
    And I still believe in heroes.
    I still believe in -

    Verse 2:
    Everything you taught me; that’s why I can’t believe your fucking nerve.
    You just complain, complain, complain. I don’t think I get the treatment I deserve.
    Because I think about you all day, I don’t focus, and I feel my stomach turn.
    Then you tell me not to worry about it, Ma, you can just eat your fucking words.
    Shit, took me years just to say this.
    So I ain’t leaving one thing out.
    When I see a tear on your face, it’s only thing I can think about.
    Only thing I want to fix. If I can’t help, then I flip out.
    I saw you cry driving me to school then you wondered why I got kicked out. See, I thought this shit was okay.
    My homie found out and he don’t.
    When I told him, I can’t hang today ‘cause my mom depressed; she can’t be alone.
    You taught me not to bite my tongue.
    You taught me how to get shit straight.
    You taught me I control my fate.
    You taught me what is fair, this ain’t.
    Shit, I don’t want to hear about what could be. Why the fuck you gotta let the past control you?
    I don’t want to hear about a fight with daddy or about the money daddy owe you.
    I don’t want to hear that you feel ugly; you’re more beautiful than you just could imagine.
    I don’t want to be in this position, when I listen, thinking, you don’t know how good you have it.
    You could be homeless with no money
    when the wind blows and there’s snow coming.
    You could be like dad, living the same life every day and going home to nobody.
    At least you got me, huh?
    At least you got heat, huh?
    I want to make it just to make you rich but a dollar can’t sell a pessimist.
    Look, I want to be someone that you can speak with.
    But you’re always telling me never forget to be a kid, but I can’t be a kid when I see you like this.
    Can’t be myself when I see you like this.
    Old enough to know my hero isn’t
    invincible but I’m still young enough to not want to know where all the weaknesses is.
    I just don’t think it’s right.
    And I just don’t think it’s fair to act
    when I feel like I gotta parent my parent just for my parent to parent back.
    I love you more than you know, but I cannot be the only reason. My role model don’t role down the deep-end.


    HIDE ↥

    Little Boy

    Verse 1:
    Oh this outfit used to be a little big on me but now it’s fitting and I’m loving it.
    I don’t hate on those who hate on me but secretly just hate themselves some undercover shit.
    Youngin with a little bit of fame, I’m praying it don’t mess me up, I need to tone it down.
    Fuck it, fucked around and did some shit in Amsterdam I’ll probably never tell a soul about.
    Why get mad at what I’m doing like we’re dating? How many dates we been on huh?
    How many women you kick it with on tour? How many dates I been on hmm?
    Approximately that many, my momma she’d be so angry, telling me I be full of it.
    But I ain’t changing for anyone, I’m adapted to my environment, homie come and look at this.
    I kill everything, I kill everything, they look at me like I caught a body.
    I was never focused on the fortune now I gotta be ‘cause they be trying to rob me.
    Old and new friends, same with managers and agents, all these brand new girls and shady groupies -
    I ain’t satisfied with how these people treat me; I don’t want no handshake, salute me, yeah.
    Shut the door behind you, don’t say a word, let your hair down, I’ll be back in a minute.
    I’m ‘bout to show you what this whole entire world’s fucking missing.
    You popped up at the perfect time of my whole existence.
    I will fly you out right the fuck now, just give me the word, I am so with it.

    Shit changed, you ain’t no no little boy.
    Car fast, life fast, don’t slow little boy.
    She fast, cash fast, dope, dope. Little boy.
    Stone cold, hot hot, tss tss little boy.
    Oh shit. God damn. What? Little boy.
    What’s that? Aw man. What? Little boy.
    Stone cold, stone cold. What? Little boy.
    Hot hot, tss tss. Little boy.

    Verse 2:
    Little boy couldn’t walk on his own, talk on his own, yeah yeah now he can.
    I got my hand on my belt, my chick come along, and it’s getting out of hand.
    I don’t argue no more, homie shut the fuck up, I don’t argue no more.
    I got biz to discuss, I got papers to sign, I got y’all to ignore.
    Hold up, hold up, wait a little half a fucking second I’m confused.
    I ain’t ever met you, why you talking like you’re in my fucking crew?
    I hope that life will treat you better, I just don’t know what you’re going through.
    And say my name again behind my back, I’m back, backing into you.
    Why you talking like you got it?
    Trigger burn, I can’t put a finger on it.
    You fail and you fail and you fail and you fail.
    I’ll give you the boot.
    Take you to the roof.
    Drop you out of school.
    Looking at me like you know what I be thinking, I’ll be looking back at you like what the fuck are you thinking?
    I don’t believe in anything that ain’t in front of me.
    You ain’t a friend of me, you ‘fraid of me, and fronting like you isn’t.
    I ain’t going to college momma. They focused on tuition.
    I was never into wishing ‘cause you gave me intuition.
    I don’t wish for anything, I make it happen.
    I know it’s hard to imagine, your little boy is a savage and a beast.


    HIDE ↥

    Patty Cake

    Have you seen him? When you see him, you might tip your hat to Jesus.
    Rashing meaner than the poison ivy but the boy is gliding like the ballerinas.
    At the meeting, if you haven't seen him, he need half a reason not to bash your teeth in.
    Say you love me, you don't have to mean it.
    I'm the last to believe it anyway.
    Lift and I levitate.
    Dick gotta let it hang.
    Piss on your resume.
    Kid does it every day.
    I don't idolize, you will utilize, pen will penalize.
    Pen gotta penetrate.
    Look at me and they know what to emulate.
    Look at you and they know what to never say.
    Look at you I feel like I've been pepper sprayed.
    Growing up in the industry, money's how a medicate.
    They happy I be sober then give me liquor to celebrate.
    Cut that shit.
    Since 13 I was manager agent and a publicist.
    I decide what was and is.
    Turned down meeting Eminembefore dumb asses called me the new Eminem, suck my dick.
    Don't give that away, I don't collaborate.
    Token got loads of accolades and I can show and validate.
    You don't know where you're going, navigate but go-a-that-a-way.
    The moment that I say you only agitate, I go assassinate.
    Look at all of the information that Token has away.
    Kind of like a total database - phone that Apple makes.
    With the quickness, I got a little idiots putting their hands together like a Patty cake, Patty cake, Patty cake.
    Woah, Partty cake.
    Woah, Jeffy.
    Tell me why the fuck are you so Jeffy.
    Telling me how to use flow Jeffy.
    You don't even know what is flow Jeffy.
    No Jeffy.
    So Jeffy, why do you not want me to grow Jeffy?
    You're looking at the motherfucking puppeteer, you don't get to come up here, shut the fuck up already.
    Alrighty. God almighty.
    Caught y'all body like a popped off shotty.
    Drop top popped and I just call shotty.
    Want some top so I just called shawty.
    Call somebody, call somebody.
    Y'all just talk, better call somebody.
    You not somebody
    I'm awesome buddy
    you got somebody
    I got some buddies.
    We rolling, I'm zoning, I don't know where my phone is.
    I call the shots, I killed the show, the promoter should owe me a bonus.
    Oh it is ultimate focus.
    Token the only opponent.
    Notice the flow it is so explosive it's blowing a hole in the ocean like Moses.
    I don't gotta go and provoke it they know that I'm sculpting the holiest omen.
    They just go off emotion.
    I just go through the motion.
    They call me the savior as if I don't clearly know it.
    Mommy got married as Mary, daddy feel like Joseph.
    I might be the reason your label is busy.
    I only sign contract if presented on a titty.
    My future is the sun, son of a bitch what they call me
    but I ain't no dog, dawg, you the one barking up the wrong tree.
    That is duly noted, ask 'em who to go with.
    I'm the next up in this, Massachusetts know it.
    So aware of it but no comparison.
    My path is new and open.
    Avenue is chosen.
    Got it sealed up like a package envelope is
    that you'll never open.
    Got 'em stopping, dropping, flopping, walking, jogging, running faster than the flow is. Young as hell but acting as the oldest.
    I'm a creative in each way.
    I only chill with musicians and I only go on release dates.
    Holy Lord, oh for Pete's sake. No, we are not affiliated.
    We are not intimate, we are not dating, I am just too intimidating.
    Think I'm amazing she think I'm the nicest.
    Think that I'm famous, I think that she like it.
    She calling everything lit.
    No baby, I'm articulate, you should try it.
    She said she met me at my headline show.
    I told her I don't remember I meet many ho.
    Wonder what's up in my mind when I be staring at ya.
    Look up in my pupils, you might have a slipup if you get it backwards.
    Plus I wash my hands before I take a piss instead of after.
    Gotta keep my shit clean, shit I'm a successful rapper.
    None of y'all can pedal faster.
    I ain't got my license baby
    but look at all these pussy rappers I drive them crazy.
    When my shit drop and it gets harder and harder to bite.
    Ane if you think I'm talking 'bout you, you're probably already right, oh.
    That's a shame, talking shit, bashing names
    but when I'm next to you, why you don't act the same?
    That's a shame, shameful shame.
    You a bitch, ain't a thang.
    I might get under your skin if you use my name in vain.
    Okay let's do it.
    Bet a mothafucka really gonna be looking stupid
    whenever they telling me they can do better but then I pull up to it like motherfucker do it.
    Everyone knew it.
    You ain't ever gonna blow and you blew it.
    I can't believe it.
    You don't really want it, you want it to happen, that's what a fantasy is.
    A fan'll see it.
    A fan of me is a fan of meaning.
    I'm finally meeting everybody in the city, looking at all of the women like "pretty pretty" so gimme, gimme,
    Gimme everything in your pocket, the wallet.
    Maybe I'll be splitting it 50-50.
    Maybe I don't, but you gotta forgive me.
    Come in and get me.
    I'm in the condominium.
    If the condom medium I don't get it to fit me.
    I'm playing.
    Just saying, it gon' take a while for me not to be the man.
    That boy so arrogant, he arrogant.
    I'm growing up a little that's apparent to my parents.
    Put you into the scope, that's a terrorist on a terrace.
    I'm super super dope, that's a heroine on heroin, oh.
    You know how much I can do that?
    You know how much I surrender?
    You know how much I can play with words like you play with thoughts of what I can do?
    They want me like this forever.
    You got a misconception of what bars are and I ain't tryna die in your cellar.
    Thank you.

    HIDE ↥

    Dirty Flesh

    I do what I wish.
    My mom think I be losing my grip.
    When it come to the bars, I'm a retard. Ain't nobody get stupid as this.
    First grade I wasn't using my whits.
    Using my finger and using my fist,
    using my anger and using bad word. Thank God that my future is this.
    Now, I do what I want.
    Do what I do, what you do is just watch.
    Holding up all the fans, holding up all the hands, holding up all the pants Louis Vuitton.
    Everyone know that I got the bomb bomb.
    And I got a razor and you got a pom-pom.
    And I gotta say word if you got a problem. 'Cuz I got a banger, you can hear the pop pop pop.
    Wait a minute, keep a distance, I be shy.
    Met an angel, then I kissed it, then I kissed it goodbye.
    Pay attention, pay a visit, I won't pay your ass a dime.
    I might let you live forever through a rhyme, rhyme, rhyme, rhyme.
    Unopposed, I don't posed, I'm just it.
    I don't fold (spits) only gold in my spit.
    And she all up on my shit like she really, really know it.
    Smart girls give the best head to the best poet.
    Ain't no women hate me they get used to me.
    Shit, even when I do insult 'em, I do it so beautifully.
    Shit, I might kill the expectation, I might sing the eulogy.
    Shit, you might end up walking home for thinking that you're cool with me.
    Shit, ride with me.
    Forget about everybody and cry with me.
    Let's jump in the fire and you can die with me.
    Pretend like it is forever and lie with me. Yeah, lie with me.
    Yea, sleep with me.
    Yeah, wake up in the morning with a secret me.
    Yeah, everything I do, I do it secretly.
    Yeah, every single night I lose a piece of me.
    A piece of me, no peace in me.
    I rip your fucking head off, do it peacefully.
    The sky is falling, I'ma put it back together evenly.
    And never get a thank you. What is love
    When she only hug me to restrain me and only kiss me to shut me up?
    I got blood that isn't fam.
    I got fam that isn't blood.
    I got shit to help me sleep, convince 'em it isn't drugs.
    I got the girl of my dream convincing me she isn't drunk
    With an invisible cup, I promise I didn't see it.

    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty mouth, dirty mind, dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    All I see, cons of a conscience.
    Ya ya ya.
    All I see, perks of a Percocet.
    Ya ya ya.


    Dirty mouth, dirty mind, dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty flesh.
    I am only here to make a child say a curse in bed.
    (Fuck, fuck)
    I am only here to make a virgin wet.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty mouth, dirty mind, dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty flesh.
    Every single morning I'm a year closer to death.
    Every single time I fucked a bitch I had birthday sex.

    Yea, and you can be here with me.
    I've been on the job, been to a lot of city.
    I've been through the odds, they been all against me.
    Used to listen to mom, now I listen to 50.
    Teach you how to rob, just an itty-bitty.
    If they steal my innocence, I'll be stealing it back.
    And all of the guilt they left me with, I'll be giving them that.
    It's either mission complete or permission to bla! bla! bla!
    Ya ya ya.
    See Benji boy so explosive.
    I threw a chair at the wall and now the walls have opened.
    Ya ya ya.
    Took my momma's lighter, threw it in the ocean.
    Now that cigarette is dry as my voice if she ask where the fuck I'm going.
    Ya ya ya.
    I don't know.
    Ya ya ya.
    Ay I'll go with the maniac.
    It'll take my soul and I may adapt
    and I'll make the gold, and I'll make the cash
    and I'll hang the rope and I may attach
    and I'll lay alone till I fade to black
    with a case of blow and a case of ash.

    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty mouth, dirty mind, dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    All I see, cons of a conscience.
    Ya ya ya.
    All I see, perks of a Percocet.
    Ya ya ya.


    Dirty mouth, dirty mind, dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty flesh.
    Thought I did the dirt but I was done by the dirt instead.
    I delete my history like you do when you surf the web.
    Dirty mouth, dirty mind, dirty flesh.
    Ya ya ya.
    Dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty flesh.
    Standing on the chair like the bulb ain't working yet.
    Hanging myself with the new Gucci turtleneck.

    Video exclusive lyrics:

    Ashes to ashes.
    Dust to dust.
    I stomp on the ground, the ground hit me with an uppercut.
    I spit at the clouds, got rained on in the winter.
    Struck by lightning in the sun.
    But I do what I wish and I get what I wish for.

    HIDE ↥

    New Problems

    I met this chick in Idaho after a show I did with Hopsin.
    Took her back to the hotel, oh my god it was awesome.
    First time I spent the night with a lady so gorgeous.
    Thought I was in love with her when I woke up to her that morning.
    We just clicked.
    I wanted to take her on the rest of the tour, she was down with it.
    My manager told me let time pass, wait.
    So I ended up flying her out for the five last dates.
    It was better than before.
    Never would have thought
    I'd be with a random girl that I met with on the job.
    Couldn't tell if I was falling for her or tripping because of her.
    Shit, I got comfortable on them comforters.
    We were basically dating for the week.
    She flew back home, I flew back home, I made it in one piece.
    But she was falling apart, texting me every moment.
    Telling me she's sick of home, I was just homesick
    'cause when I got home I felt like I was kind of over it.
    I stopped hitting her up; she started noticing.
    I was never the it, didn't realize how deep I was in
    till she sent me snapchats of cuts deep in her skin.
    Some suicidal shit.
    Telling me that I'm supposed to be with you so if we're not together there is no reason why I should live.
    Now I'm under the table texting her subtly
    praying that this chick don't kill herself because of me.
    New problems.

    New problems
    Don't tell my momma 'bout all these new problems.
    New problems.

    This bitch ass snake is tryna sign me. When I met him few years ago he was that guy to me.
    He knew all my favorite rappers personally.
    It blew my mind when he said he wanted to work with me.
    And before I could even digest what he said to me,
    he literally already had people calling who said they want to invest in me.
    Damn, thought I was in a dream.
    First time homies with somebody in the industry.
    Thought I was 'bout to blow up; I was overwhelmed.
    Thinking to myself, is it really supposed to go this well?
    So before I made a move,
    I told him before I agree to anything, prove to me what you can do.
    He set up a video shoot, it was a nightmare.
    He put money behind it but didn't care about my ideas.
    Arguing over the creative direction,
    I said fuck it, I ain't doing this, I scrapped it the whole session.
    Then I made the song Exception.
    Thinking I know this one is powerful, he's gotta love it, I gotta send it.
    He said he liked it but he wants to edit,
    so he got a new beat, corny hook and turned it to a pop record.
    This dude's tripping.
    Acting like a baller but now I know that he's not 'cause he's treating me like a dollar.
    Just another check off his checklist, check to deposit.
    Now demanding 20 percent for the work he put on this.
    He ain't did shit,
    subliminally hinting to me he gon' blackball me if he don't get shit.
    He know everybody in the game; they're gonna believe him more too.
    I want to tell him suck a dick, but I can't afford to.
    New problems.

    New problems.
    Please don't tell my momma 'bout all these new problems.
    New problems.

    Got a couple bucks now so I'm skeptical
    'bout where I put my time, I'm busy all the time and I feel terrible
    'cause I've been slipping up.
    Spending all this time with fake friends I got family members I ain't hitting up.
    But I don't want to hear anyone judging my choices
    if they don't know what it feels like to go from completely avoided
    to somebody that everybody is talking about.
    It don't even feel the same when I walk in my house.
    New rumors 'bout me every single day. Like he don't want to chill with us, he rather chill with Sway.
    He think he's better than us. He think he's moving on.
    I go out, pretend to be social, just to prove them wrong.
    But I ain't see my dad in a month.
    I only see him for dinner; we're still acting like that's good enough.
    But I've been blowing him off like I'm busy and stuff
    to the point it don't feel the same when he's picking me up.
    You know when you're comfortable enough with someone that you could be in complete silence and it wouldn't be awkward?
    Well, it's awkward between us, I'm bothered.
    So I ask stupid questions just to keep him talking.
    Like how is your job? How is your mom?
    How did I get here from riding these songs?
    I go to my homies' houses and I'm jealous of them.
    'Cause they see their dad as a dad, I see my dad as an old friend.
    I bet he's afraid to bring it up.
    'Cause he can see I'm under pressure even though I act like I don't give a fuck.
    Acting like I'm ready for this. Acting like I'm cooler.
    Acting like I'm not afraid of the future and all my new problems.

    HIDE ↥


    There they go again. Harassing this kid, so easily.
    His name is Andy, he grew up right down the street for me.
    I barely know him though I just see him at school while passing him
    usually followed by 2 kids giggling in back of him.
    I don’t know why they feel the need to interfere.
    And I’ll be honest man, the kid’s obviously a little weird.
    He’s got a stutter plus always talks to himself but it is clear
    To me they shouldn’t mess with him he probably wish they’d disappear
    Like yea he’s different, so? He ain’t causing harm to anyone.
    Yea he might annoy them, not on purpose though, he’s never done
    Something intentionally offensive like these other kids
    Like yelling stop being a retard when they see him mumbling.
    Or call him a fagget when he’s saying something awkward.
    Yeah he lives with it, but he shouldn’t have to any longer.
    He’s just a kid like any of us, and matter fact
    Next time I see it i’ma say something and have his back

    The next day ain’t any better, they’re abusing him.
    Every day gets worse ’cause people except as they become used to it.
    And he don’t stand up, but what can you do with that hate against you?
    You call them out, you’re called a spaz with some anger issues.
    They hear but they don’t listen, senseless.
    They hearing that bullies are everywhere, thinking that here must be the exception.
    But it’s so alive and it’s so true
    they got open eyes but they don’t view
    They got growing minds, that they don’t use
    And it’s pulverizing our whole youth.
    But to be honest, Most of these bullies don’t mean any harm.
    They’re just kids like any of us, they like to be in change.
    They like attention, they just lack guidance in getting it.
    So they put others down, none of us are always innocent.
    But that don’t make it right.
    ‘Cause again I’m watching Andy get tortured by two of his peers with no reason in sight.
    And I know he knows I’m watching, he sees me be paying attention.
    And it’s getting worse and worse I hope he knows that I respect him.

    The next day Andy didn’t show up to school and I was nervous.
    He always came to this class, I wondered what was the purpose.
    The same class had the two kids who’ve been messing with him.
    But without a target, both of them just blended right in.
    20 minutes later the class was pretty quiet.
    As Andy walks through the door he was shaking and crying.
    As all the heads slowly in sinc turn, he pauses.
    Then pulls a pistol out of his front pocket.
    The girls scream, the boys sat there terrified.
    Nobody expected it but everyone knew the reason why.
    And before anyone could say something fully.
    Within seconds two bullets flew into his bullies.
    More screams as the bodies collapsed
    I felt I should say something ’cause Inwas the only one who had his back.
    I said “it’s over Andy, they’re dead, you had your wish”
    He turned to me and said “you-you were the third on my list”

    HIDE ↥


    Ripped jacket with the stains on the surface.
    He was the kid that everyone was happy they weren’t.
    Sitting alone invisible to every passing person.
    Wondering what it would feel like to have a purpose
    He never had a childhood.
    Forced to parent his own parents like no child should.
    His father is a veteran drowning his memories with liquor
    and his mother’s taking pills that doctors give her but they only make her sicker
    with no sibling to walk through this stuff.
    No ends, no money, no friends, no buddies, he’s ain’t talking enough.
    He don’t put himself out there, he’s awkward too much.
    But what you expect? Who in his life would he learn confidence from?
    And he sits behind me in class.
    One day I heard crying from the back.
    Finally I turned around and I asked
    what was wrong.
    And the firs time I heard his voice,
    he said “all I know is pain, if this is life, what’s the point?
    Show me where happinesses is…

    His voice gloomy he looked through me he said show me where happinesses is.
    Desperateness on his face.
    I didn’t know what to say.
    I couldn’t think.
    Show me where happinesses is.
    He put his head down
    and he didn’t make a sound.
    Show me where happinesses is.
    And I just froze
    Like I don’t even know…

    Perfect makeup even though she don’t need the extra touch.
    She was the girl that every other girl was jealous of.
    Silky hair, blue eyes, thin body with
    curves, but her new clothes only cover parts of it.
    She’s almost looked at like a goddess to all.
    Attracts every pair of eyes when she walks through the hall.
    But she’s likable too, she’s not the one to gossip.
    Evident when you talk to her, she ain’t ever pompous.
    Wealthy home filled with knowledge and newness.
    She was the youngest out of 3 book smart students.
    And her parents were so proud, pride was all around her.
    But I always noticed something was a little off about her.
    She sits in front of me in class.
    One day I noticed heavy make up on her wrist when she passed papers back.
    After class, I approached her and I asked about it.
    She said it don’t mean I have it if I’m around it
    Show me where happiness is…

    I looked into her eyes
    I saw her for the first time.
    Show me where happiness is.
    I saw regret
    She walked away in a sec
    Her voice rang through my head.
    Show me where happiness is.
    I watched her walk away
    She became another face
    What she say?
    Show me where happiness is
    And I just froze.
    Like I don’t even know

    I don’t know because I ask myself the same thing every single day.
    But every single answer has been vague.
    How come some appreciate the sun after the rain,
    While others just see the puddles as if nothing has changed?
    And as I watch people living the life I couldn’t take, I wonder if they see a way out to mentally.
    And As I watch people who live the life I idolize, I wonder what they feel and what isn’t seen.
    As I watch my whole family take pills for depression I wonder what true happiness really means.
    I wonder if because I’m genetically predisposed to it, that is the reason I find myself feeling weak.
    Only sometimes, in and out.
    I guess it’s scarier when you don’t have a reason to be feeling down.
    Sometimes I just am.
    Sometimes I just feel no one will understand.
    Sometimes I wanna cry.
    Sometimes I want to crush my family’s so-called medication look in their eyes
    And tell them they don’t need it as long we just have each other.
    But then sometimes I watch them suffer.
    I just wonder where happiness is.

    HIDE ↥

    Waist Down (Extended Version)

    Back in the day, all anyone did was overlook me. Now, when they look down, they tryna’ pass the crown to where it should be.
    Define a rookie.
    Define it. I’ve been a boss since 13. No wonder why no one understood me.
    All goodie.
    All gravy.
    Y’all say we’ve gone crazy, but we ain’t gone anywhere.
    Except the places that pay me
    Where everybody just praise me
    So if you ain’t with A-team
    You can suck a dick, get rabies, and then die.
    Yea, right there.
    I got a new idea.
    I got a brand-new idea for you my dear.
    If you don’t like being called stupid, stop being stupid, ’cause I’ma’ fucking call you stupid if you do that there.
    Yea, I got some rappers confidence
    For every fake fan with a backwards complement.
    Master actors who matter not a bit.
    Bomb has been set, detonation approximately now.

    And I’ve been plotting on the low.
    But I don’t really want to keep it on the low no more.
    So I’ma’ need all of your hands in the air the goddamn second that I decide I want to go on tour.
    Saying I don’t give a fuck.
    I don’t give a fuck like I’m paralyzed from the waist down.
    Waist down. Waist down. Waist down.
    Saying I don’t give a fuck.
    I don’t give a fuck like I’m paralyzed from the waist down.
    Waist down. Waist down. Waist down.

    Way down to rockbottom I send y’all. Token is a genius.
    I don’t give a fuck; I’m on some paraplegic shit.
    You feel me? I ain’t feeling y’all.
    I got no feeling in my legs, wheelchairs I pop a wheelie on.
    I am really on.
    17 and I got funders with their hands out talking ’bout a million.
    But I don’t take no handouts off air.
    You don’t need to scratch my back; I got me a massage chair.
    That’s right. Everybody act like they’re living the exact life.
    Everybody tryna’ be like everybody, no one tryna’ be an individual and that’s like
    getting a flashlight to mask light.
    A blackeye to have sight.
    A bad guy to act nice.
    A traffic light to crash bikes.
    An appetite to snack light.
    An afterlife to flatline.
    A rabbi to baptize.
    And bragging on the Internet just means you got a fake ego filled with insecurities killing you and that’s why…

    Oh, is that so?
    The second I start having fun, Token’s an asshole.
    They said I be doing the same shit, everybody wants something that’s new now, well right when I change it up, I’m whack though.
    Oh, that makes sense, I got it.
    Everybody have some fun, except the artist.
    Everybody loved me when I recorded out of the closet
    than a blog picked it up, yep, that’s garbage. Oh. I got some rappers confidence to every fake fan with a backwards compliment.
    You think I slid that line in there with no consciousness?
    I see the fake fans, I’m who they want a problem with.
    Like I ain’t giving my all to this
    when I am trying to alter this
    questioning all of my motives when I’m just trying to make momma rich.
    And I just want to see daddy happy, they just want to see bars and shit.
    Consequence calling this confidence cockiness, God forbid.
    God forbid I’m comfortable enough to switch the scene.
    Sometimes I don’t want to walk down a little street.
    With metaphor metamorphosis and similar similes.
    Sometimes I want to fuck around dawg, I’m seventeen.
    Sometimes I don’t want to be serious. Sometimes I don’t want to be Mr. Lyricist. Sometimes I wonder why they judge me. Sometimes I want to put a jet engine on a wheelchair ’cause I think it’s fucking funny.
    And now they’re wondering if I’m still really that hungry.
    They’re wondering if I’m getting comfortable, I feel on comfortable ’cause a second ago you motherfuckers loved me.
    And I’ve been working harder than ever to get to the next level of flights.
    You’re either afraid to let me go or you’re afraid of heights.
    Waist down, waist down.
    Let me spit a simple hook for everyone who ain’t staying around.
    They want me to pigeonhole myself and fall. Show me where happinesses ’cause, it ain’t with y’all.

    HIDE ↥

    Necessary Evil

    Jesus Christ, I can see in his eyes that he’s conniving.
    I’ll be defiant till achieving highness like Leonidas.
    I speak my mind and these demons are preaching silence.
    You’re marketed like the industry’s slut, and I’ma treat you like it.
    Get slapped up.
    Kiss ass chump.
    Get snatched up
    for trying to distract us.
    Distracted this.
    I’ll bury you, that’s established.
    You know the shit that make you think that your shit’s whack? Well, this that shit.
    Ditch that shit.
    You’ll never create a legacy.
    You’re the lamest lame will ever be.
    They want me to name an enemy
    but why would I end a career they ain’t even start yet? That’s a waste of energy.
    Pay attention; we create our pedigree
    While they especially are praying desperately to cage us mentally.
    They eventually will taste the recipe of crazy tendencies
    so page the deputy.
    I’ll make sure they will credit me

    When the sky falls down.
    When the clouds on the ground I’ll be in the studio making the sound to it.
    How could this be?
    I’m the necessary evil when you’re telling all your people ’bout me.

    And we don’t fuck around.
    You don’t actually burn calories when you go run your mouth.
    So why you sweating so hard?
    I am the underground.
    They see the roots in me.
    They root for me.
    My routine is being the rude teen.
    Who’s he? “Token” I’m different than you chumps though.
    Do I brag about money, clothes, dugs, hoes, while musically losing control?
    Do I perform a 30 minute set while only using one flow?
    Fuck no!
    That’s where I draw the line.
    They’re loving the intellectual homicide.
    Only really care about the dollar signs.
    Anyone who is gullible qualifies.
    They colonize all your minds and occupy each thought they find.
    Everybody looking like a puppet to me but everyone too stupid to see it; I’m not surprised, nah.
    I am the stop to this.
    I am the prophet not only intent on profiting.
    But still psycho to my psychologist.
    He said the only person fit to battle me is my second personality,
    so I bodied him.


    Token is a visionary in a fairly twisted, scary, scripted parody.
    And he carries emissaries fit to bury sissy fairies
    in the very cemetery he’s getting married to the dictionary at.
    That’s how he kills canaries – Bla!
    I kill a rival on arrival.
    Ever since I went viral they call me vile.
    And I don’t use the word faggot anymore ’cause critics twist my words into a spiral.
    Just tell them I’m feeling homo-cidal.
    I don’t know polite.
    Man I’m telling you rappers, you don’t need to keep up, you can look at me like a poltergeist.
    If you need a ghost to write.
    I’ll blow your mind.
    If you don’t, I’ll blow your mind.
    I ought to make them an ultimatum.
    They automate them and control what they say.
    That controls what you think. That’s controlling your day.
    That’s controlling your life.
    So cut your strings; I’ll show you the knife.
    We’re needed in this game; I don’t give a fuck if they like it.


    HIDE ↥

    Still No Sucka MCs

    Every beat that is given to me I flip on like a acrobat ’cause I’m mad when I’m told
    that a whack ass rapper’s stacking the dough.
    When his Cadillac is passing my road,
    I’ll smash the glass with a hatchet I hold.
    You get asthma attack when you’re jacking my flow.
    This black-on-black so fashionable.
    Every rap is crack, got that for the low.
    “Man I’m tired of this kid he doesn’t even have bars, he can just rap fast.”
    Yo, who are you kidding?
    The future you witnessed.
    The fruits of my labor are food for the village.
    No room for assistance.
    They say the body’s a temple, I body musical gimmicks, so that’s my newest religion –
    Confusing the thinking of Jews and the Christians.
    No lunatic can just assume my position.
    No lucrative business can ruin my vision.
    What I institute’s on YouTube in an instant.
    When I’m introduced, I chuck the deuce to your interests.
    Fuck an opinion, I got homework and stuff.
    My physics teacher is a babe, I gotta get that shit over and done.
    See it in your eyes, you rappers nervous when Token’ll come.
    Hands so sweaty they can’t even hold any grudge.
    “They don’t give a damn.”
    Middle finger to anyone trying to control me. My team isn’t big but we’re handling everything. People around me can see I’m a businessman.
    But I don’t rock a suit with a tie, I keep it minimal.
    Only suspender I know is my middle school principal.
    Forming these syllables-
    sort of a ritual.
    You’re more normal and typical than brainstorms formed by Jersey Shore’s whores with poor morals and principles.
    I adore gore; therefore, absorb more horrorcore war than corporals and generals.
    They just know I’m focused.
    Ironic how my train of thought has loco-motives.
    “Oh shit.”
    If that’s over your head than hold the phone kid.
    I got them yelling “holy smokes” like Catholics at the Vatican when the pope is chosen.
    I do it with ease.
    But I’ve been working my ass off since I was new in my teens.
    And to anybody who say I’m only buzzing ’cause I’m young, you’re just mad that you’re an adult and you still can’t do it like me.
    I see the jealousy up in you.
    Look at the hate in the comments, I see the low self-esteem up in you.
    I see you making like any comparison barely with evidence sneaking around like you really ain’t dissing me but I see the enemy up in.
    Then I realized

    Gangsters used to move ounces and reach for burners.
    Now gangsters only move mouses and reach for cursors.
    Nah, they ain’t worth it.
    All around your studio I’ll be lurking,
    waiting for you to slip so I can close the curtain.
    You’re the bible to atheists.
    You’re the rifle to pacifists.
    I went viral by accident, wait till I do it on purpose.
    Man it’s Token

    HIDE ↥

    No Sucka MCs Contest

    I was at my crib alone
    scrambling through comments
    and with in the process,
    ran into this contest
    like “pretty dope”.
    I aint done this shit in a minute bro
    and I ain’t doing anymore fucking microphone videos.
    I’ll switch your hopes.
    Everybody giving out a mixtape so?
    I don’t ever really want to listen though.
    I’ll be treating it like a discus bro.
    I hit the goal.
    The trash compactor.
    When they be telling my homies to listen to it I say we can’t do it without a bucket in case we pee ourselves out of laughter.
    When you record it’s a brutal listen.
    Sounding similar to any new born with a booster missing
    in a new porsh going through the limit
    with two doors going to the ceiling
    with a huge horn that blew your hearing.
    What you’ve worn is true religion
    and new Jordan’s and Gucci fitteds
    but a uniform that’s truly fitting
    is a unicorn with a fruit addiction.
    You’re too corny like a superstition.
    You new dorks not cool with writtens.
    You’re luke warm like a pool with children.
    I do snores when you are spitting.
    When you perform I’m too board like crucifixion
    Fiction or fact?
    I’m fixing to fix some friction and flick to feminine fibbers till they’re figiting back.
    And while I’m configuring that,
    I fit the friskyous filth in a track
    and leave it on top of your door step like shit that’s on fire.
    The rap messiah.
    The pathological rapping liar.
    Dope. I’m that supplier.
    Listen I don’t even sweat when I pass a fire.
    Pacifier you suck on while you crap your diapers.
    You little baby, and I hate these artist’s groupies.
    ‘Cause I don’t got any man I’m too strange, bizarre and goofy.
    They’re like “The way he swears so hard confuse me.
    Less than a month ago he wasn’t even allowed in rated R movies”.
    Well I am now, damn right.
    Everybody get out of my damn sight.
    ‘Cause the second I’m witnessing anybody I don’t really wanna battle but I wanna see a damn fight.
    Damn right.
    Until the XXL cover will set it up,
    I’m a junior now, I’ll fuck a freshman up.
    Yup, I bust.
    You bite my lyrics you bite the dust.
    I got this game in my clutch.
    The alphabet is my crutch.
    That’s my sick is spelled with an “I” and suck is spelt with “U”.
    ‘Cause I am sick and you suck I’m better than you.

    And I ain’t done this in a minute.
    I’ve been staying quiet to surprise them when I finish.
    But word round the town
    is they heard bout me now
    so I turn back around and they bit it.
    Oh no they didn’t!
    I’mma lose it. I’mma lose it.
    Since 14 I was a nuisance, I’ve been tying the noose since.
    New sense to the industry luckily.
    And no sucker MC’s gon’be fucking with me, god dammit no!

    HIDE ↥

    Stay Humble & Stop Thinking

    During the past months a couple hidden characters have been revealed to me.
    They claim they support, so to speak up I didn’t feel the need.
    But I noticed they’re only supporting to get closer.
    Knives closer to my back, I’m awaiting stabs from a vulture.
    You start building a team and then bang it’ll hit you,
    a little bit success causes way bigger issues.
    ‘Cause everybody got their own ideas, thinking differently
    and now, me being skeptical is lack of humility.
    Like “you think you’re always right, listen to others during a meeting.”
    Then I find myself working on something I do not believe in.
    If I disagree I’m closed minded?
    No I just know what fucking got me here and that was my ideas with no cosigning.
    So independent I said I would not adjust.
    But it’s hard to be confident when everyone implying my ideas are not enough.
    They think I’m naive when I ain’t looking for help.
    Now that things are moving everyone’s assuming I’m full of myself.
    I’ve been painted a fool.
    I’ve been playing it cool
    but I still got confidence issues from being isolated in school.
    I get on stage, and I blow them all away then
    I get off stage and I can’t even hold a conversation.
    I hate it.
    And they’re telling me to watch my ego.
    And I respond like “yeah man, I feel you man, I got you yo, you’re my people.”
    Get the fuck out of my face. I got no one helping me.
    They don’t want to see me humble, people just want to see me with a lower self-esteem.


    They wanna take my mind.
    They wanna breathe my breath.
    Everybody want a piece.
    Till no peace is left.
    They wanna control my actions.
    They wanna taint my soul.
    They wanna flaunt their power.
    Anything to get somebody independent with tremendous potential of growth and a talent to stop thinking on his own.

    I had a meeting in LA.
    It was sure my pleasure.
    He put a contract in front of me.
    For the first time ever.
    I had some questions.
    My manager had some concerns.
    When he saw that we were thinking for ourselves, he got offended, threatened my career and said that there is nothing I deserve.
    My stomach was in turns.
    Thinking that this is someone who work in the industry but they turned to my enemy
    like that person was in my reach, but I just inferred
    from what he said, now that was a bridge I fucked around and burnt.
    But that was the plan.
    Make me feel guilty then ask for his hand.
    But in reality, if I had agreed he probably would have fucked me over and wouldn’t give half of a damn.
    But now I understand.
    Fuck the frauds and fuck the scams.
    Fuck the grands you promise to throw me.
    Fuck your plans, you want to control me.
    I see the greed in your eyes turning prominent slowly.
    And now I gotta look for the same within all of my homies. I know…


    Now I’m looking at my circle.
    Wondering their motives.
    How many people jumped in
    When the numbers starting growing?
    Look at these new faces.
    A lot that I can tell.
    Most of them only starting talking to me when shit was getting serious so what is truly the reason they want to give me help?
    Before any of this shit begun happening fast.
    Nobody gave a shit about me and mater of fact,
    half the people smiling in my face used to be talking shit about a Jewish kid claiming he had a passion to rap.
    What happened to that?
    Ordinarily I would’ve even care, let them help, if I appeal then were great.
    But when I’m granted the help, I don’t handle it well ’cause I can’t even tell all the real from the fake.
    But it ain’t only them who be trying so bad to get to me.
    What do you do when your dudes from day one start acting differently?
    Are they changing or is it just paranoia that’s within me?
    And now I gotta analyze everybody I call a friend.
    ‘Cause I feel like everybody breathing down my neck is looking for success that I haven’t even gotten get.

    HIDE ↥

    Till It's Gone Remix

    Welcome to the interior of one of the most hardest working minds that today continues
    to be devoted to what he does and with a problem with anyone who ain’t contribute.
    Not to mention a lyrical artillery and when the shit begins it ain’t gon’ miss you.
    Most fast rappers can’t rap but luckily for him, both of them ain’t an issue.
    I’m back on my shit again.
    Ready for a battle, attack like the Minutemen
    matched with the fact that the black that I have is simply a metaphor for the sadness I’m giving them.
    Fast, I’ve been rapping way past what you’re thinking friend.
    I had mixtape tracks in my fifth grade class, I was killing then.
    Flashback to the fat backpack that I stashed that shit up in.
    Trash that, spit again.
    The mentality that a dude had, you had half ass intellect.
    But I don’t give a rat’s ass, I’m the bee’s knees, see me when you have that internet.
    Every last frat rap slash whack ass pack that has slack kill them dead.
    My 16s get them hit, you’re like the 16th president, ’cause you’re innocent.
    I’m an intricate knife getting inside literally anyone getting away with living a lie.
    I’ll hit them within a minute, finna be witnessing a menus in disguise.
    Sicker than anyone giving a lyric and sick in the mind.
    I’m the literal definition of unmimicable.
    Kid is the divine, witness it within my eyes.
    They see me getting rid of any competition of mine.
    They know I’m making a fool out of
    them kicking a rhyme.
    You are different than I.
    Every day my brain is working to create a state a purpose,

    change the way you may observe it.
    Today my place of worship is the place I lay my verse and
    hate became my rage, it made me flourish,

    now I put the rage in courage
    till it ain’t occurring.
    This page I drain the pain I’ve gained through anger’s burdens.
    When the flames is burning,
    I break my chains and slay restraints this game has made ’cause ain’t no way they’ll stay and take my brain

    this game obtains the frame of a deranged yet famous circus.
    Clowns running around for an entertainment purpose.
    But the leader just trying to make you purchase.
    This industry is raising little pets.
    Rather give you drank and cigarettes than brain and intellect.
    Got me hating my generation like Kardashian’s photoshopped ass that breaks the internet.
    You can save that shit, I’ve got a brain.
    Now when it’s real rap it’s a holiday.
    Ain’t where I should be but I’m on my way.
    Making noise from the side like pocket change.
    You’re best rapper alive list? Full of shit.
    I’m the bullet in you’re bulletin.
    They don’t want a youngin to be good with this.
    But I think outside of the box that they put me in.
    I’m working at my leisure
    when I’m turning on a speaker
    I’ll be lurking as a creature
    when I burn them like a heater
    and I murder like the Reaper
    as I’m murking every feature
    I’ll be learning from a teacher
    but I’m serving like a leader.
    I’m urging and I’m eager
    to be heard of as a speaker
    of the words and the demeanor
    of a worker with no breather
    ’cause a verse without my ether
    is a church without a preacher
    and I’m earning but my service for the person in the bleacher.
    So I give a damn salute to
    each friend that’s new to this plan.
    Understand you handed me this and man I can’t refuse you.
    And until I’m banned from YouTube,
    the raps that I record will snap your spine cord and literally have your ass handed to you.
    Rise against me, I would like to just see
    you try to get on my level whenever you’re rhyming simply.
    Everybody be talking that shit when I get gritty
    but I’m better than anyone rapping who tried to diss me.
    I define the grizzly-grind of 50
    when he was trying to shine or die trying, this be
    why I write this quickly.
    Motivation is what I’m kind of sending, you’re condescending.
    When I write these writtens,
    I combine Einstein’s mind with science fiction.
    Mix the liberal mind of Brian griffin with violent thinking like pirate ships with living by a rhyme religion with giant visions, virus sickness, psychic thinking.
    Lines so vivid guys and women picture my words like hieroglyphics
    ’cause I’m the shit.

    HIDE ↥


    When it comes to the way I act bro, got the backbone, not the traps though.
    Fans know with the rap flows got a crap-load.
    Ammo like I’m Castro when he had foes. That go like a gat go, blblblblblblat BO!
    Ya, so, at my last show, in the back row,
    bad hoes. Tried to grab those like a lasso. That goal never has sold ’cause I’m bashful.
    That’s no fucking fact though, I’m an asshole.
    See little weirdo,
    I don’t get what you’re trying to be little weird.
    Everything you send me I don’t read little weirdo.
    With the way I’m living I don’t need little weirdos.
    Oh, and you trying to be calling me little weirdo?
    Oh! You a mean little weirdo.
    Need therapy little weirdo.
    I don’t really give a little mini shit about any of these little weirdos.
    Rappers always walk up to me in the show venue,
    ask me for a feature I tell them sir no thank you.
    I should just be honest, I don’t mean to offend you.
    But you should probably get better before I molest you.
    I got the flows and the patterns to make a rapper lose control of his bladder.
    A soaking wet mattress with piss on the sheet, do this religiously, tell the pope and the pastor.
    And most of these rappers are jokes and I have to just hold in the laughter like what?Yea, what?
    How the fuck you suck that much?
    Oh, I got a pretty fan waiting in the sprinter van, dumber than a brick and man, I don’t really give a damn.
    She want me to give a damn follow on the Instagram.
    Baby that’s a big demand for a little little tramp.
    Woah, now she calling me a prick again? Really man?
    Tell her suck a dick like it wasn’t already in her plans, in advance.
    All the Jewish 80-year-old women that my grandma be,
    showing all my music to is gon’ hear that profanity

    Sway Freestyle

    Sway this is a dream of mine.
    Before I even rhyme,
    I don’t want to be defined by these rhyme scheme of mine.
    They put me in a box labeled “too ahead of his freaking time”
    Too complex, they don’t look deep inside
    17 designed with a genius mind
    that could teach the blind to see a fly
    on a piece of lined paper in a secret shrine 80 million feet behind
    They ain’t gon see my piece of mind
    They gon see this piece of mine.
    Wait, that ain’t me, hold the questions.
    The radio told me this is cool, not a weapon.
    No hate, but every spitter who’s next
    I’m the grim reaper reaping the benefits of your death.
    Watching me grow and I’m finally here they’re dying because it.
    I’ma shit on your career, that’s why you gon plummet.
    Token the fly and beloved.
    That’s got a nice ring to it like a Golddigger supplied by your husband.
    Only rhymer who does it
    Without a mind that is functioned
    To be designed as a puppet.
    I’ma climb to the summit.
    Grind till the sun is declining inside the Horizon and I am aligned with O’Ryan at night in the sky and above it.
    Rappers all over the Internet say that I’m being too rapity-rap but wait till you hear the project, you will see I can adjust it.
    I have been summoned, to bring this music back, the cocoon just cracked to the butterflies in their stomach.
    But they don’t want me to drop this mixtape.
    They want me to follow this way
    what the contract dictate.
    But right now I’m just trying to go off for shit sake
    And hear Heather B say talk your shit sway
    Real shit.
    And I believe in my craft
    Sacrifice my childhood ask my people in mass
    I’m used to getting mad left at sway
    Bring my backpack backstage
    And pass class that way.
    I do my Spanish project when I plan of content.
    I do my English essay when I’m scripting with the pen game.
    I do my course of math when I record the track.
    Physics when I mix it.
    I do my world history when a groupie girl’s kissing me
    No time to waste, I don’t ignore the time, I never did.
    You might be forming rhymes better than a fortified specialist
    but you prioritize horrendous with performance like a negligent unorganized special kid.
    This shit is sort of, kind of effortless.
    When I don’t mortify and horrify with penmanship,
    the war and crime of organized terrorists
    will borderline be normalized, respected and
    supported by our lord and Christ and president.
    I import this penmanship
    for the poor dependent kids
    who purely pessimist.
    I pour expression with
    my portrait pencil just
    to explore the precipice
    of pure impressiveness.
    That’s P’s. At ease.
    Everyone got their opinion but Token don’t listen to anyone who don’t be working as rigorous as me.
    Everyone saying that they can do better, if you can do better then please do it better then come to me after, but you show everyone here that you this fucking nasty.
    I don’t believe you. You’re thinking’s wrong.
    Them cribs, cars, trips, broads won’t last long with no wisdom dawg.
    We ain’t the same, you tripping dawg.
    That’s a fabric of your imagination, we cut from a different cloth.
    But I reload this penmanship
    like I’m refilling a clip to blow the premises.
    You could take pictures with a gun just to be posting every flick.
    You still couldn’t pose a threat with this.
    I control my nemesis.
    They just puppets, I pull strings like an organ specialist.
    Wanting to beat me is like watching a Bill O’Riley Rush Limbaugh debate in hopes to grow intelligence.
    Ain’t happening. Peers ain’t fathom this.
    You hear that I’m slacking it’s hearsay, blasphemous.
    All my fan here ain’t arrogant
    cuz my tracks open minds like severe brain damages.
    And I’m a be the first man leading the swarm
    of people spit in the face of everybody who calls themselves an MC but can’t even perform.
    Your fans leave through the door when you go, but when I go,
    I’m antagonizing the show again
    grabbing mics I am vulgar and
    classified as a chauvinist
    asinine inappropriate
    rapper, writer, vocalist.
    Battle like I’m Napoleon
    Half these rhymes are nowhere as
    agonizing as Token is.
    My appetite has a rose and these
    average minded opponents are
    appetizing I’m going in.
    Acting like you’re the dopest but
    talent wise, I’m the ultimate.
    A mastermind, a patch of ice ain’t cold as this.
    My heart is as black as all my attire.
    Rappers always require
    passion tossed in the dryer.
    Dad and mom are right by ya
    but acting all like a fighter.
    You tell em they’re sick you’re a pathological liar.
    And I ain’t finished,
    I am smarter than 99 percent of every guy you witnessed.
    Windshield wiper’s kicking when I will finish a brainstorm, they’re driving in it.
    So intellectually strong with every rhyme I’ve written,
    I could punch a wall, make hieroglyphics
    like I’m Egyptian.
    You tried but didn’t divide the vision of my devision.
    Inside my skin it is kinda frigid.
    My own lyrics are stylistically cryogenic.
    Christ, it’s crisis a crime you witness.
    But I’m the syllabic monster.
    You’ll get schooled more than disciplined scholar.
    Who’s dissing this? I ain’t a little bit bothered.
    You ain’t internet bloggers you some twitter shit talkers.
    You ain’t spitting shit proper.
    Your punch lines, corny, your flow can get a bit awkward.
    I’ll show you how to do this like a generous father.
    I follow the bar codes like an interested shopper.
    Call the intellect doctor, I’m sick in the head.
    Sit in my bed, gripping a pen a limitless author.
    I’ll write forever I work lightly? Never.
    I work till tare a wrist like an Isis member.
    I’m so clever when I see letters my mind is pleasured
    and pressured to bring ’em right together.
    Chop ’em up like a knife or blender or slicer shredder.
    And make a rhyme scheme better than 99 percent of the guys who enter
    You’re like a feather I will sever
    Your career gon be shorter than my temper when hearing you rhyme, remember
    these rhymes are wild and I’m the shepherd.
    Life defines my effort so I grind like Ryan Sheckler.
    Sway I never came here clueless.
    My first song sounded like a page cleared by Shakespeare’s student.
    Do it till I got a great beard like I may steer the reindeer’s movement.
    17 and started the same year you did.
    See, this my life, my manager told me cherish the moment
    You haven’t been a kid in years, it’s apparent you know it.
    But I’m good, you never seen a kid so there and so focused
    That’s shy I’m raising profit like marry and Joseph
    But to be honest, this bragging shit is worthless
    I don’t know about you but I got a bigger purpose
    You say “fuck the world” but your revelation is pointless
    You say “freedom of speech” but
    my generation is voiceless
    And I’m tired of it. And they not help.
    You won’t love yourself until you are yourself and you are not yourself
    Avoidance is a drug
    You can’t post your whole fucking life on Instagram and expect not to be judged
    We vulnerable, we all just vulnerable
    But my bucket list will always be full
    I’m never satisfied I never had to lie I never havent grinded for the team of mine.
    I’m finally here,
    And sway this was a dream of mine.

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