Comparative Essay Two Cities

Hints For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essays On Two Cities

Compare and contrast essays are easy pizza when it comes to writing them. These are essays that show similarities and differences between two phenomenons. When writing a compare & contrast essay it is important to keep in mind that similarities are also part of comparison and should not be left out. Most of the writers stress on the differences more than the similarities that bringing out a biased view of the situation, writing a compare and contrast essay on two cities is not a big deal, all you need to do is consider the following points.

Brainstorm your points

You are not just going to start from nowhere and you want to write the final copy. You need to do a background search on points that you are going to write down. This helps you to differentiate weak points from major ones and therefore arrange them in a logical manner. Brainstorming is also important in ensuring that no important point has been left out yet at the same time major points have been put first.

Use terminology that relates to comparison

Compare and contrast essay have special terminologies that show two aspects are being contrasted. Without these special words in your essay then you will not make any sense. These are words that cannot be substituted or paraphrased. These include words like whereas, on the other hand and unlike. As a writer it doesn’t matter how wonderful the vocabularies you have used are, without use of these words it is not a contrast essay.

Arrangement of the body is important

When writing a compare and contrast essay, you are not going to use a table showing contrast. Essays have to be written in continuous pros thus you need to write in paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph contains an idea of contrast between the two cities for example the population and expound on that in the whole paragraph. At the end of the paragraph the comparison should be well understood and explained.

Be knowledgeable about the two cities

It is important to search information about the two cities so that you get strong points to put down. This can be done through reading books about the cities including the characteristics of the people that live there, the population, the economic activities carried out and the religion. After these you need to merge your information using good choice of words in order to make a great essay. For more information on how to write compare and contrast essays, try this company.

Compare two things essay

How to start an essay on comparing two things

A comparison essay explores the similarities and differences that exist between two or more items, people, personalities, or places. To effectively compare two things, one needs first to identify the subject within which each of the two elements lies. For instance, one may be asked to write an essay comparing two cities in different parts of the world. It is vital that the countries within which each city lies be first recognized. Next, the writer has to determine whether or not adequate features or aspects exist to compare the two things. At least three points or areas of comparison must be identified for each side. A comparison essay will be more than one page hence if the writer cannot identify at least three key points that make the two things similar or different, he or she will hardly come up with a stellar paper. Putting down the thesis statement in the last part of the introduction to illustrate the paper’s principal objective can be a good start to writing a comparison essay.

How to write body paragraphs

The body paragraphs will delve into describing the similarities and differences between the two things, in detail. The first paragraph will examine at least three major points of similarity between the two items, people or places. This can be in respect of the first outstanding key characteristic. For instance, when comparing two leaders who ruled in different time periods such as Presidents J.F. Kennedy and Barack Obama, the points of similarity in the different time periods within which each ruled the U.S, such as both were preceded by Republicans, will be highlighted in the first paragraph. Additionally, it is expected that the age at which each of them became president, their family backgrounds, educational achievements, ideologies, and their charisma will be pointed out. For places, the writer has to mention the origin, administrators, major features such as the key cultural or traditional aspects associated with those places, among other crucial areas of similarity.

The second paragraph will be a deeper analysis of further similarities. If the author is for instance, focusing on points of similarity between the works of two poets, he or she will now at this point spot other less discussed but important similarities between the two pieces of work. While the first paragraph brings out the glaring similarities between the two items or people, the second paragraph merely elaborates on more features. To some extent, the second paragraph can also serve to analyze the characteristics mentioned in the first paragraph. For instance, looking at the similarities between Presidents J.F. Kennedy and Barack Obama, the writer would analyze the similarities in the policies that each president’s administration pursued.

The third paragraph will highlight the differences or points of contrast between the two items, places, or people. The author has to list at least three major differences. He or she can do this by stating the first point of differentiation on one side and then contrasting it with the other side, along the same line. For instance, when comparing the works of two poets, the writer can outline the different periods within which each poet lived, and stating that “while poet X lived during the Reaganomics days and wrote from the perspectives of those times, poet Y’s work emerged and gained fame during the early days of the Obama era.” A point raised on one side has to be met by another contrasting point relating to the opposite side/thing.

The fourth paragraph will be a brief analysis of the differences pointed out in the previous paragraph. The contrasting points have to be made clear such that the reader can get to clearly understand the deeper differences that exist between the two things. As the analysis will go into detail, the writer can choose to focus on two areas to contrast in this paragraph.

All sources accessed and used throughout the body of the essay must be cited appropriately.

How to conclude an essay on comparing two things

A valid conclusion will briefly restate the main similarities and differences identified in the body of the essay. The writer can choose to summarize two similarities and two differences and then tie them together in a single sentence.

Topics for Comparing Two Things

Possible topics for an essay on comparing two things are highlighted below:

  1. Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy
  2. Radio and Television advertising
  3. Extraverted and Introverted people
  4. Snapchat and Instagram
  5. Twitter and Facebook
  6. Russian politics and American politics
  7. The 1940s and 1980s
  8. The two World Wars
  9. A. Hitler and J. Stalin
  10. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

Outline example

Introduction – which two things are being compared and contrasted?

Body – three major points of comparison.

  • Analysis of two points of comparison
  • Three major points of contrast/differences
  • Analysis of two points of contrast

Conclusion – restatement of major differences and similarities.

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