Research Essay On Zombies

A List Of Unique Research Paper Topics About Zombies

It may be as a result of zombie themed television shows gaining extensive popularity, or because of actual scientific clues that point to the possibility of its existence, most people openly admit to being intrigued by the idea. Here is a list of unique research paper topics about zombies:

  1. What exactly is a zombie and how do we go about defining an organism that is neither alive nor dead when scientist are not even sure how to define life itself?
  2. Natural selection plays large role in evolution. Under what conditions would natural selection make it favorable for humans to become living-dead in order to survive better than those who are not?
  3. Given the current medical needs of the human population on earth today, is it worth experimenting with the possibility of turning a living person into a living-dead?
  4. Are there any known viruses or bacteria that are capable of turning a human into a brainless organism whose only purpose is to consume the brains of the living?
  5. It has been proven that a particular bacteria invades the brains of a certain type of snail, forces it to climb up into the sunlight and eventually die. Can this be considered actual a living-dead or is it still just a parasitic infestation?
  6. How can we prove that we are not zombies right now living out our natural lives as dictated by the features of that particular life form?
  7. If zombies are real, would this indicate the possibility that all other forms of supernatural entities can also exist, or would they be scientifically explainable eliminating the need to consider the possibility of the ethereal?
  8. Why are human beings so fascinated with the concept of the living-dead when this possibility can only present a threat to the life and happiness of humans on earth?
  9. Should scientific experiments be conducted with the goal of creating a living-dead in the lab to test the possible benefits the human race could reap from their strengths?
  10. If scientists succeed in modifying the genes of a human being enough so that they never die, only need to eat scarcely and at the same time, possess super human strength and speed, would this be considered a living dead?
  11. Since zombies don’t die or need to eat that much, it may be possible to have them execute interstellar missions instead of living breathing men. Is this good reason to engage in experimenting with the possibility of turning a person into a living-dead?

Doing a research project is a lot like surviving a zombie apocalypse. The first step is to be prepared. When you do a research project you collect all your information on your topic first, so research zombies and learn their weaknesses for a better chance of survival. [From "Zombie Apocalypse: Zombie Research."GMC Library Guides. Georgia Military College, Last Date Updated. Web. 19 Oct, 2014..]

Word Origin: Zombie was originally the name of a snake-god in the voodoo cult of West Africa, and later of the Caribbean, and it comes from a West African language (it is related to Kongo nzambi ‘god’ and zumbi ‘fetish’). It was later applied to a reanimated corpse in the voodoo cult, and a ghoulish sense of humour transferred the English word in the 1930s to a ‘catatonically slow-witted person’.

"zombie." Word Origins. London: A&C Black, 2006. Credo Reference. Web. 10 October 2012. 

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