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Accounting and Finance Job Seeking Tips

When you’re looking for jobs in Accounting and Finance, your cover letter distinguishes you from other applicants. Create a cover letter that makes a positive impression with the do’s and don’ts tips below.
1. Consider replacing the Objective Statement because most recruiters and employers don’t read them. Instead add a headline that states the position you want or include a brand statement that briefly tells how you can benefit the employer.
2. Avoid using nicknames because they make you look less professional. However, if you are well known by that name, listing it on the cover letter is acceptable.
3. Make sure your permanent address is listed. If you’re a college student you can include both your permanent address and college address.
4. Keep the cover letter highly focused. In a quick six second glance the reader should know exactly what position you want and the qualifications you offer employers in jobs in Accounting and Finance.
5. Many companies screen cover letters using keyword-searchable software. Make sure your cover letter includes keywords that are specific to the job you’re seeking. If you don’t include them, your cover letter may be overlooked.

Dear Ms. Hitchings,

Although I’m currently employed I’m looking for an opportunity where I can put my particular skills to use. There are two paths I can take and fortunately I can walk them both at the same time.

The first path is to follow the job openings at different companies submit my application and see where it takes me. I’ve had several job interviews with real possibilities but I prefer the other path. The other path is to choose the company I’d like to work for and convince them to hire me.

I’ve done my research and Babcock Industries comes out on top every time. Your civic responsibility as a company and the high rate of participation of your employees in community events exemplifies Babcock’s values which match my own. Your high ethical standards are a matter of record your products are of the highest quality and you stand behind both your products and your employees. I’d be willing to start at an entry level position in almost any department although I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and could contribute from day one.

I’ve attached my resume for your review and hope to hear from you. I believe I can contribute to continuing success of Babcock Industries.

Sincerely Yours,

Sarah Keresty

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