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Why Thea Toocheck Went Early Decision

Where did you first hear about Gettysburg College?

I had actually never heard of Gettysburg before starting my college search process. Through my high school, I used Naviance, a program that let me plug in all the attributes I was looking for in a college. Gettysburg came back on the top of the list, but I visited about seven schools before deciding that Gettysburg was my favorite! After determining this, when I told people what my top choice was, they'd consistently respond, "Wow, that's a great school," which only reinforced my choice.

What made you apply Early Decision to the College?

From the moment I first stepped on campus, I knew Gettysburg was the place for me. The campus felt friendly and open. The campus size appealed to me, and I favored the small classes and the student-professor relationships; all the professors I met before applying were helpful and encouraging, and now that I'm here I know that they include students in research and try to get us involved with opportunities that other, larger schools don't have. The student experience is very individualized, the study abroad program is great, and everyone seems genuinely excited to be here. After weighing all of my options, I knew didn't want to spend my next four years anywhere else, so it only made sense to apply ED!

What have been some of your favorite aspects of the College community?

I love the sense of community here. Everyone is so friendly—I feel like I meet someone new every day. Also, I love all the outdoor chairs and tables, which allow me to do my work while enjoying the campus, and often friends will pass by and we'll do our work together.

What is your biggest piece of advice to students thinking about applying?

Go with your gut! Remember when you're looking at schools that it's not only the impressive statistics that matter but also how you feel about a place. And even if you're not sure, Gettysburg has so many opportunities that no matter what you're interested in, you can find your niche here.

Anything else you’d like to share with prospective students?

I know it's really difficult right now, but don't stress out too much! Once you choose your college, all the hard work will be worth it.

The Admissions Process at Gettysburg College

The admissions process at Gettysburg is highly selective and the admissions staff gives careful consideration to each application. We expect students to make the most of the academic offerings of their high school.

Participation in a solid college preparatory program with enriched, accelerated, and advance placement courses is expected. Grades in academic courses, quality and distribution of subjects, and rank in class (when applicable) are highly significant parts of the applicant's credentials.

The College is also very interested in individuals of character who will make positive contributions to the campus community and beyond. In estimating such qualities, we rely on what students say about themselves through essays, along with the recommendations from secondary school counselors and teachers. In-depth involvement in extracurricular and community service activities both inside and outside of school is favorably considered in the admissions process.

Standardized test scores from the SAT or ACT exams are reviewed in the overall context of a student's application and academic record. If a student has taken the SAT more than once, only their highest section scores across all SAT test dates will be considered as part of the final admissions decision. SAT II exams are not required. Strong students who believe that standardized test scores do not accurately reflect the strength of their academic achievements can choose to be considered as test optional in the admissions process.

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