Uh Manoa Admissions Essay Example

We have an island

The University of Hawai'i at Mānoa owns and operates Coconut Island or Moku o Loʻe, the only research facility in the world built on a coral reef.

Leader in business

The U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks the international business focus at the Shidler College of Business amongst the top programs in the nation. Currently our program is ranked 15th.

State-of-the-art Simulation

The UH Translational Health Science Simulation Center is regarded as one of the most advanced simulation centers in the nation and gives students a chance to experience real-life scenarios, with no real-risk.

A Three-peat in research

The last three years, John A. Burn's School of Medicine has ranked #1 in the National Institutes of Health among community-based public med schools.

Dedicated to cultural heritage

Hawai‘inuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge is the only one of its kind in the world.

A world-class botanical garden

Lyon Arboretum is the only research facility in the U.S. located in a tropical rainforest and is home to over 5000 tropical and sub-tropical species.


This flagship school of the University of Hawaii system offers nearly one hundred bachelor 's programs to the 15,000 or so students who call the Oahu campus home during the school year. A lot of the school's vibe is "very laid back, just like the Hawaiian lifestyle," and students often show up to class with bikinis and swim trunks under their clothes from that morning's beach trip. More than 200 degree programs across eighteen schools are available to students but no matter the course of study, Hawaii plays TA. "When someone goes to UH Manoa, they aren't expecting to receive a Hawaiian education but that is exactly what they get. Whether they are learning the Hawaiian language, Hawaiian culture, or about the Hawaiian ecosystem, there is a lot for everyone that goes along with their major," says a student. "UH really incorporates how important Hawaii really is."

Sciences are particularly strong here, and the language offerings are incredibly diverse (think Ilocano and Tagalog). Teachers are "always willing to go the extra mile to help students by offering office hours" and many professors challenge students while simultaneously "letting us know what content will be useful in our future careers and/or graduate level exams." However, the real gold here is in the added resources for extra help in classes. There is "free oneon-one tutoring" and review sessions through the learning center, a writing center, a learning emporium for certain subjects, and "[you] can even walk into the library and librarian will help to find sources for papers and guide students in a great direction."

Student Body

This group—mainly from the Asia-Pacific region and mainland USA, with the occasional European or South American throw in—is a "huge melting pot" that is just "filled with Aloha." An "incredible amount of culture is exhibited here," most of all the Hawaiian cool: "I have never been on another college campus where it is completely normal to ride your skateboard barefoot or walk around with your surfboard." This is good news for the plenty of exchange students from Asia are here "trying to have an American campus experience;" ROTC also has a "very large" presence. On the whole, this is a "very relaxed and cool" bunch of students with whom "you can strike up friendly conversations with strangers in the cafeteria, or while waiting to cross the street, or while ordering food."

Campus Life

UH Manoa is on an island that offers a bit of everything. Here you can find "the city, the country, the surf, the mountains, the malls, and so on and so on. Oahu has something to fit my every mood and need," says a student. There are always cultural festivals and activities, and Hawaii is made for active people who "like to get lost in nature's beauty." Whether you're "running up Koko Head, swimming with dolphins on the west side, catching some rays between classes on the Waikiki strip, or jumping off rocks on the north shore, there's no way to escape the beauty that is Hawaii." On the weekend many local students travel home so the campus can get very quiet, but students do use their IDs for free bus transportation to explore the relatively small island and student services and student affairs are "excellent." As is common with college students, "many of us do not have enough money enjoy the nightlife, therefore we enjoy our free time at the beach." Still, students "have work that we can't just blow off for a swim or something." People like to use the grill that the school has set up, and there are "always people walking from place to place until late at night, hanging out with friends in the courtyards, skateboarding, or cooking out."

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