Informative Essay On Cosmetics

Top 10 Informative Essay Topics About Testing Cosmetics On Animals

An informative essay is the type of paper where the students need to choose a topic and write about in a very objective manner. They need to explain the topic to the readers and give valuable information about it. Unlike other papers, this does not have to convince the readers of your ideas or promote any new theories. You only have to give certain and valid information about the topic under discussion. You can start your paper by introducing the topic in an engaging manner that develops the interest of the readers in your paper. You should tell your readers why your paper is important and why they should read more about this topic. When you succeed in explaining the significance of your topic, you can move to writing the body of the paper by inserting a transitional hook.

The problem however, is that you will only be able to explain the importance of your topic once you identify it on your own. If you actually realize what your topic means, then you will be able to create a winning essay. For example, you are to write a paper about testing of cosmetic products on animals. You should be able to look at this topic with your own unique approach. It is your own choice whether you find it ethical or unethical or a profitable business strategy. Your opinions should not be biased or reflected in your paper. Even if you have an opinion that you think is worth mentioning in the paper, then you must make sure that it is supported by strong evidence. The reader should only find valuable and relevant information in the essay and nothing illogical or argumentative.

To choose a great topic about testing of products on animals, you can think of different aspects a carry out some research to include in your paper. An informative essay is incomplete if you do not include certain facts, stats, and authenticated data in it. To start with, you would need to brainstorm and come up with fresh ideas for the paper. Consider looking at the following to develop a sense of what to include in your topic.

  1. Side effects of animal testing
  2. Ethical aspect of animal testing
  3. Question on the effectiveness
  4. Should it be banned altogether
  5. The business perspective
  6. Endangered species
  7. Laws in certain states
  8. Consumer doubt
  9. Pricing
  10. Increased costs

Essay on Cosmetics Industry

9878 WordsMar 28th, 201240 Pages

MGMT 4842
Group Case 2

Retail Specialty Cosmetics
Industry Analysis

March 19, 2012

TABLE OF CONTENTS Industry Type Degree of Industry Concentration Opportunities and Threats Opportunities Threats Past and Projected Market Growth Rate Competitive Analysis New Entrants Substitutes Rivalry within the Industry Suppliers Buyers Driving Forces Analysis Industry Key Success Factors Financial Analysis Works Cited

Retail Specialty Cosmetics Industry Analysis

Industry Type, SIC and NAICS code

The Cosmetics Industry involves providing the consumer a product that will give them the ability to improve the appearance or scent of…show more content…

Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. is the next largest company and controls over 15% of the market share. Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. operates under Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group. From 2010 to 2011 they were able to increase their revenue by almost 9%. Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc. controls almost 14% of the market. “The company sets itself apart as a beauty superstore, which provides salon and mass market merchandise to consumers, aestheticians and salons.” (Beauty, Cosmetics & Fragrance Stores in the US)

Demand-Supply Conditions

There are many different factors that come into play while determining the demand of a product in the cosmetic industry. Things that often play a role in cosmetics are fashion trends, demographic locations, and gender. . A cosmetic that both men and women can both relate to is the fragrance industry. This is a product that is used by both genders that is often persuaded by the models and actors using them in magazines and on commercials. In recent years the male population has become more concerned about their appearance which has caused an increase of products designed especially for men. Even with men showing an increase in market share the women still control over 65% of the market. Of course products that are used on a

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